Women walking the path to freedom

"By providing this essential bridge to a new life, we too have the ability to rise from the mud, bloom out of the darkness, and radiate into the world."


 H.E.R. Home is a three-quarter house only for women  recovering from drug  abuse. By providing a less restrictive, yet structured environment, the goal is to ease them back into independent living. H.E.R. Home is managed by active members of the recovery community who understand what it takes to stay clean. Our emphasis is on helping our residents continue their involvement in 12-step programs and remain an active part of the recovery community. These women will be given the opportunity to live within a supportive group setting while benefiting from affordable housing, which will help them manage the daily demands of life. Their rent will include all necessary amenities and utilities, and no lease terms are required as long as they follow all house rules. Each resident will be surrounded by other women who are just as determined to maintain their recovery. All women who make it to this stage desperately want to live a healthy, purposeful life. H.E.R. Home guides them on their path to a new life, by providing this essential bridge.

Our Recovery Homes

Drug and Alcohol-free


All women living in H.E.R. Home must be drug and alcohol-free. Our living environment is regulated by imposing house rules, curfews, and mandatory drug testing.



Rent: $400.00 monthly

 includes all of the necessary utilities and amenities. Personal space is vital to providing an atmosphere of recovery and therefore, we limit the number of residence. 



Residents are surrounded and supported by other women. A once-a-week house meeting is mandatory. Other resources will also be offered. 

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Q: What is a Recovery/three-quarter house?
A: A three-quarter house is an independent living home where recovering residents are transitioning to total independence.

Q: Is a three-quarter house a Residential Treatment Facility?
A: No

Q: Will this home have children residing there?

A: No. If children need to visit or stay for the weekend, further accommodations can be made.

Q: Can residents leave when they want?
A: Yes, but only within the curfew restrictions stated in the house rules. (Exceptions for work are allowed.)

Q: Are residents required to attend meetings?
A: Yes

Q: What is the success rate of residents in three-quarter house?
A: The success rate is entirely dependent on the resident. If they follow the house rules and continue to work a strong 12-step program, the chances are likely that they will be successful.

Q: Are residents required to work?
A: Yes, but if disabled the resident must volunteer at an approved charity.

Q: Do you accept donations?
A: Yes, but we are not a 501(c)3 designated organization; therefore, we cannot provide tax deductible receipts.

Q: Who is eligible for residency?
A: Any woman in recovery who is willing to abide by the house rules and is committed to living a clean lifestyle.

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